Our Team

  • John R. Robinson
    John R. Robinson
    CEO & Founder

    “A Total Solution, Inc. (ATS) was started with the idea that we would provide complete customer...

  • Charles Ragghianti
    Charles Ragghianti

    “I think the real key to our success has been our ability to form trusting, long-lasting...

  • Robert Reavis
    Robert Reavis
    Vice President, Customer Relations

    “I never forget that we’re in business only because of our customers.” Mr. Reavis’ 24 years...

  • Douglas Jones
    Douglas Jones
    Vice President of Engineering

    “It’s very gratifying to be able to protect our customers and their assets, keeping their property...

  • Anthony Verdecia
    Anthony Verdecia
    Project/Operations Manager

    “It’s very rewarding to see a project come together and know you’ve got another very happy...

  • John Hartmann
    John Hartmann
    Chief Financial Officer

    John grew up living abroad as a US Military dependent. He worked his way through college...

  • Joe Velez
    Joe Velez
    Director of Service

    “ I take care of our customers, one customer at a time.” Credentials 14 years in...

  • Fred Rezler
    Fred Rezler
    Sales Manager

    “ Customer service is my number one priority.” Credentials 22 years in the security/fire/CCTV industry Efficient...


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