Security technology has become very advanced in recent years, which means that a traditional lock and key system is no longer the most effective method for keeping your building secure. Access control systems are now one of the best and most efficient methods for improving the security of your business.

Why should you consider an access controls system for your business? Here are six of the top reasons to have one installed.

  1. You will only need one key. – With an access control system, long gone are the days of fumbling with enormous key rings with separate keys for every door of your building. These systems allow for each employee to only need one keycard to grant access to the parts of the building that they are allowed to enter. Each keycard can be programmed for every employee’s specific security clearance. As a business owner, this also means that you only need to carry one key card to gain access to every door in the building.
  2. Restricting access is simple. – Keyless entry means that you can immediately turn off a access via a particular keycard. Should an employee unexpectedly quit or leave with a keycard, you can simply turn it off.
  3. You can track entries. – Access control systems have the ability to log who is entering the building, which entrance is used, and when it is accessed. This information can then help you keep track of your employees and will help during an investigation if a security breach ever occurs.
  4. An access control system can help cut costs. – Creating and issuing multiple hard copies of keys can get very expensive. Key cards are a much more cost-effective solution. As an added plus, should an employee ever lose a key, you do not have to worry about changing your locks either. Instead, you could simply turn off the key.
  5. Keycards are difficult to duplicate. – Traditional keys are easy to duplicate, making your business susceptible to theft. Copying keycards requires sophisticated equipment that isn’t readily available at your local hardware store.
  6. Keyless entry can be integrated with your current security system. – If you already have a security system in place, an access control system can easily be integrated with the existing technology. This can include door alarms, door cameras, and other monitoring tools.

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