Your office space is a huge asset for you and your company, but it is also a gigantic liability. It creates a space where burglars have access to both your staff and your employees. Ensuring that your office space is secured and protected a top priority for the safety of your business, and it can be done with access control systems and security systems.

Here’s how to secure your office against threats in three steps:

  1. Have an access control system – It is best to have the necessary systems put in place so that you can regulate who is entering your office space and when they enter. Access control systems range from entry level systems to systems with thousands of access points. They come in a variety of types and may include features such as electronic badges, biometric readers, turnstiles, intercoms, swipe readers, photo identification systems, and much more. They can not only control who enters your office, but also when or where they do. Access control systems can restrict entry to more sensitive areas, such as high-clearance areas or executive offices.
  2. Install video surveillance – After someone enters an office, video surveillance can monitor their movements and can help document their activities in the space. With the magic of modern technology, they can provide real-time feeds while also recording for future reference. They may also be setup to be triggered by motion, if an alarm is triggered, or if unusual activity is suspected.
  3. Install a professional security system with monitoring – While you cannot always be at your office, you can keep it protected 24/7. Installing a monitored security system can save you the constant worrying about whether or not your office is alright. These advanced systems can alert both you and the necessary authorities should a break in occur or in case of suspicious activity. They may also deter intruders with triggered visual and audible alarms. At ATS, we even offer the latest Bosch Cloud-Based Video Hosting!

Having an access control system and security system installed in your office could and will save you time, stress, and money in the long run. Contact the security experts today at A Total Solution, Inc. for more information on these systems, installations, monitoring, repairs, and even emergency services. Protect your office today!