In the age of basically everything being a “do-it-yourself” project, there are certain things where this should not apply. Alarm system monitoring should be one of these. “Monitor-It-Yourself” alarm systems, or “MIY,” are not technically even true alarm systems, as they rely on you to alert the authorities. They also do not offer the peace of mind that traditional professional alarm system monitoring does.

Here are three other important issues with MIY alarm systems:Professional Alarm System Monitoring

  1. Most MIY alarm systems rely on a wired internet connection. This is much more vulnerable than the wireless or Wi-Fi versions used by professional monitoring services, and can be cut as easily as a hardwired phone line. It is also prone to being out of service in bad weather conditions and when you could really need it when compared to a cellular connection.
  2. If you do not receive the notification that something has tripped the alarm in your home or office, nothing will happen. Because Monitor-It-Yourself alarm systems require you to alert the police or fire department about an emergency, you must be able to receive notifications 24/7. But, what if you are out of service, or on an airplane, or your phone battery dies? Your home or office could be robbed and the police would never be dispatched. Professional monitoring services provide you with a peace of mind in knowing that someone has their eye out and is was tching out for you at all times. If a critical situation did take place, the authorities will be notified and dispatched before it is too late.
  3. What happens if you do get a notification from you MIY alarm system that your building is being broken into? First, you would have to carry the number of local police and fire departments around with you, since dialing 911 wouldn’t help you if you were out of the country. Then, you must be aware of how to report an alarm event to the authorities correctly so that they treat it as a “real” alarm event.

It’s safe to say that professional alarm system monitoring is the most reliable way to monitor your home, office, or building. You need someone looking out for you and your family at all times, and professional monitoring can give you that comfort.

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