The University of South Florida is one of Tampa’s most esteemed institutions, and with over 40,000 students enrolled there are many great degree programs preparing the future for great things to come. Thousands of students each year graduate with degrees and move on to their next step in life: making the world a better place. What about the greatness of today? Here at A Total Solution, Inc. (ATS) we have two of the USF Engineering department’s own working in-house on our backflow products as our designer and license holder.

backflow-inspectionsATS can provide inspections, installations, and repairs on backflow systems. Errors and malfunctions in backflow systems sound just as bad as they are; these systems should prevent any undesirable reversal in the flow of water. Keeping all of your systems up-to-date and running properly is always important but especially when keeping an eye on backflow. When there is an error in the system, backflow can cause drinking water to become contaminated and unusable if a system is not working properly.

All of our inspectors are Class 2 licensed and can install, inspect, or repair from tap to building. Because ATS is a “one-stop shop” when it comes to our available systems, there are no other contractors you have to call, and no middle man (which means you save money.) While you’re saving money, we are only offering you the highest quality brands such as Wilkins, Ames, Watts, Febco, and many more. These renowned brands ensure you will have long-lasting, high quality devices that are designed for long-term value.

If you already have a backflow system installed that you are happy with, in addition to installations we can also provide high quality inspections and repairs. Our repairs can keep all sizes of devices running properly, making sure the springs, seals, and moving parts are all doing what they are expected of.

Backflow inspections are an annual requirement in Florida, so why not have a trusted, and well-trained team who cares about your safety do the job? We offer same day service on most repairs. Let a few Bulls and a Tampa-proud company provide you with great service. Please call us today to speak with our experts about backflow system installation and repair, as well as all of our other services we offer!