The Software as a Service platform (SaaS) has allowed companies to gain access to business-enhancing opportunities that were impossible to obtain previously. Instead of making huge investments in hardware that they might outgrow before the end of its life cycle, companies could benefit from a subscription model that allowed them to pay only for what they needed while taking advantage of modern technology. As a result, the platform has been very successful for many business needs across a variety of industries.

Beginning in 2023, Bosch will bring those same advantages to its Access Management System. Instead of keeping everything on site, and spending the time and money required to maintain the software, users can access their AMS via a remote server, while backing up and storing all necessary data.

Offering the SaaS opportunity allows clients to pay for the amount of access control required by their specific location without overpaying for the technology they won’t or can’t use. And over time, as needs change, they can upgrade their tools to accommodate new secure areas, access points, levels of employee access, identification requirements, and even video monitoring. The access control software can accommodate up to 200,000 cardholders, 10,000 doors, and 400 divisions, but you won’t pay for that access unless and until you need it.

Because the system is so scalable and customizable, it can work with existing hardware even if needs change at different times of the year. The holiday season might require new levels of security, for example, and your AMS can be upgraded quickly and easily to accommodate them, with no interruption to your regular business routines. When that time period ends, access levels can revert back to previous standards just as easily. The inherent flexibility in a modern AMS means a safer, smoother experience for employees, visitors, and clients.

Utilizing SaaS allows access to the most modern technological advancements in AMS while remaining cost effective for any company. With Bosch’s Software Maintenance Agreement (offered in one-year contractual periods), maintenance and support are no longer a concern for an in-house IT department, management, or any other human resource. Your easy-to-use system is modern, affordable, and future-proof while making safety and security a priority for both individuals and their data.

Contact ATS to learn more about the upcoming SaaS opportunities with Bosch, and find out how it can be applied to your unique situation today.