Looking for a security system that provides fire, security, and access control solutions in a single control panel? Look no further than Bosch security systems! One control panel provides an easier solution to operate fire, security, and access control functions. Use these panels to view alarms, trouble, and status conditions. Besides security and access control, Bosch security systems are giving businesses the ability to automate different aspects in certain ways with Bosch G series. For your need with large applications, G series is your number one choice. With the goal of improving security and video surveillance, you can say goodbye to keys with the new and upcoming technology available at your fingertips.

Components of G Series:

These G series systems are combined with burglar and fire alarm applications with integrated access for business automation.  This new and improved series is great for protection with its single control panel. If your business needs scheduled events, this is the application for you. Having this ability allows you to ensure the system is armed or disarmed at a certain time in case you forget to do it yourself. With integrated custom keypads, you can configure which area you want to be operated. This custom keypad is remotely programmable as well which will save you time and money with service calls.

The new G Series can be used directly from your mobile device which is a huge plus since we are living in a technology type of world today.  Download the Remote Security Control app to operate your system from wherever you are. This includes arming/disarming, system checkups, and control doors using the wireless network. The G series also gives you the ability to view the live video that is integrated within the panel. You can control up to 16 Bosch cameras that are used for motion detection, line crossing, and idle object. Depending on what triggers you have set up, you are able to move the set-up of the cameras and record certain actions that are taking place all from your mobile device. The G series gives you notifications and updates straight to your mobile device so you can act on the problems as soon as possible.

New Security Technology:

Besides security and access control, the new G series panels are enabling businesses to automate their processes in certain ways. A better way to understand this is to look at a warehouse example. When associates come to work every day, they enter at a locked door. Handing out individual keys to numerous amounts of people can be a stressful process and mishaps are bound to happen. With new technology, you can update these keys to card entry keys. Every employee will have their own card that they scan against the entry door reader, and this allows them access to the point of interest. The door unlocks and disarms all in one process.

For businesses that are equipped with waiting rooms for customers, you can integrate front desk push buttons for alerts. These are important so you are able to alert other employees when there are too many people waiting at one time. This improves work production and quality for everyone all at a push of a button.

Businesses that have gates or loading docks can use these panels to be notified when trucks arrive. The panel will alert the associate that the driver is waiting so they aren’t waiting to deliver, making it a quick and easy process for everyone involved.

With Bosch security systems, you have choices in security monitoring based on security risk. Our system can transmit security alarms and trouble conditions through your existing copper phone lines. To decrease your risk of not being able to communicate an alarm or trouble condition, Bosch’s security panels can utilize Internet protocol (IP) monitoring to ensure that phone lines are always operable by sending pings at predetermined intervals to your central station. We can also send signals by a cellular path. We give you high-quality choices!

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ATS technicians are equipped and ready to service your Bosch security alarm system. ATS’s employees are NICET, FASA/BASA, and factory certified to handle most security alarm system trouble and alarm conditions. Call ATS today for your next G series Bosch Security System!