Like the G series, the B series security panels are made for your protection. It is a control panel that is designed to integrate with access control through IP programming. With one main system, you get peace of mind with the ability to learn, use, and maintain. The B series is mainly used for light to medium use (smaller applications). With adaptable control panels, you are able to split this system into 6 areas with 96 different points. Similar to the G series, this system becomes more than just intrusion protection. Access control, IP video, fire, and business automation are all involved with the B series security panel. Its main goal is to increase security for not only you and your business but for your customers as well.

About B Series:

Even though the B series serve fewer areas and is a smaller application, it doesn’t mean they aren’t just as effective. With fire and access control, you can use the integrated IP video aspects to help solidify safety throughout your business. These panels give you the ability to see motion detection and trigger camera actions. What is great about the B series is that you are able to customize your programming of the panel for different languages and multiple areas you want your system to work through for your business.

Unlike the G series, the B series gives you the ability to install and maintain this on your own. You can use the app for setup and for any difficulty, there are video instructions and training on Bosch’s website. Any other firmware updates can be done directly from your panel as well so you don’t have to travel to a facility. This is a great feature to minimize maintenance and costs in the long run.

The B series can be remotely controlled by your smartphone device with the Remote Security Control App. Turn the system on/off, view live video, and check the status of the system are all features that are for your convenient use. With personal notifications sent straight to your phone or email, users are always able to be aware of the conditions of their program.

Uses For B Series:

Because of its smaller application, this security panel actually allows more options for its use for whatever business you choose:


  • Use the Monitor Delay/Delay Response feature to check for propped doors, roof latches, and high-value areas. This can be done even when the system is unarmed
  • Area control feature can turn on/off important areas such as cash offices, warehouses, and important doors


  • Can address safety measures to keep away intrusion
  • Customizable functions
  • Monitor your children from anywhere and anytime to ensure they are safe
  • Wireless detectors for garages or sheds

Education Buildings:

  • Control access functions give the ability to grant each user with passcodes and key fobs
  • Detectors are used for fire, break-ins, emergencies, and other security concerns that may happen
  • 24/hour support and control throughout the building


  • Restricted privileges for those who can access the system
  • Customization to where and what the main security focuses should be
  • Program events such as holidays

Even though the B series might be somewhat different than the G series, it still serves the same purpose of providing safety and comfort. These panels allow your business security to become more efficient, flexible, and integrated all within one control panel. From intrusion and fire, to access control, B series security panels give you the ability to take back the safety of your business or home.

With Bosch security systems, you have choices in security monitoring based on security risk. Our system can transmit security alarms and trouble conditions through your existing copper phone lines. To decrease your risk of not being able to communicate an alarm or trouble condition, Bosch’s security panels can utilize Internet protocol (IP) monitoring to ensure that phone lines are always operable by sending pings at predetermined intervals to your central station. We can also send signals by a cellular path. We give you high-quality choices!


24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ATS technicians are equipped and ready to service your Bosch security alarm system. ATS’s employees are NICET, FASA/BASA, and factory certified to handle most security alarm system trouble and alarm conditions. Call ATS today for your next B series Bosch Security System!