May 17, 2022 brett
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Should I Recharge or Replace My Fire Extinguisher?

Fire hazards are everywhere.  Whether it is your home or business, you can never fully be safe from a fire.  The perfect fire safety plan always includes a fire extinguisher.  These devices vary in size depending on its type, and may be relatively compact,...

Mar 23, 2022 atotalsolution
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How to Choose the Right Fire Extinguisher

Protecting your home and business from devastating fires is important to everyone.  Fire protection systems typically come with...

Mar 8, 2022 atsolution
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How to Prevent Fires in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities, perhaps more so than other businesses, need to take essential steps to ensure they are utilizing...

Oct 6, 2021 atotalsolution
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Fire Hydrant 101 at A Total Solution

Fire hydrants have been fixtures in American communities for over two centuries.  They are easily recognizable, and their...

Sep 29, 2021 atotalsolution
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Full Service Security: From Installation to Inspection

As people learn to endure the effects of the modern world, safety and security have become high priority...

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