Every year, nearly 25,000 fires cost companies billions of dollars in damage, workers compensation filings, and employee lawsuits. Some of these fires probably could have been prevented from being such devastating catastrophes should the buildings have had up-to-code fire protection equipment, including fire extinguishers.

Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA, states that all portable fire extinguishers must be inspected every month and annually inspected by a licensed fire protection company? A properly working fire extinguisher is the first line of defense against fires, and it can make a major difference in the amount of destruction caused by a fire.

At A Total Solution, Inc., we are experienced in the maintenance, hydrostatic testing, recharging, and inspection of fire extinguishers. What exactly do we check during our inspections?

  1. First, a visual inspection of the extinguisher as a whole is completed. We look for dents, corrosion, rust, or any other damage that could cause the extinguisher to malfunction or not be in proper working order. Any areas that require cleaning are also degreased.
  2. The full test and maintenance history is then reviewed to make sure that the internal system is/should be working.
  3. Our experienced technicians then weigh the extinguisher to ensure that the right amount of fluid is actually inside of the tank. The pressure gauge is also checked to confirm the tank’s pressure.
  4. The discharge hose is removed and inspected for any issues or irregularities.
  5. We then check to see if the locking pin is easily removed for emergencies. The handle and lever are inspected at this time to make sure that it will discharge without a problem.
  6. After the inspection of the extinguisher itself is complete, we secure it back to the mounting bracket and attach a safety flag so that its most recent service is clearly listed.

We at A Total Solution, Inc. go the extra mile to make sure that our customers’ extinguishers are not only in working order, but also save you money. Should we find an issue that needs a repair during our inspection, we don’t just swap out your extinguisher. Instead, we provide our clients with a loan fire extinguisher for the time that it takes us to repair yours, which gives us the time to take it back to our shop and service it properly.

Is it time for you to schedule your next fire extinguisher inspection? Contact the fire protection experts at A Total Solution, Inc. today!