Being a business owner means that you are responsible for quite a number of things. From utility bills to payroll and marketing, it all falls on your busy shoulders. Overseeing the everyday operations of your business can make it easy to forget to ensure that the necessary fire safety precautions are in place for the company.

Remember these four simple steps to keep your employees and property safe:

  1. Plan – A proper fire escape plan can help reduce the risk of panic and injury should a fire occur in your business. Every employee should know exactly where all of the escape routes are located and what to do in the event of a fire. Fire extinguishers should be clearly visible and accessible at all times. It is a good idea to plan a meeting place for all employees in case of an emergency and to even assign responsibilities like calling for help.
  2. Protect – A fire or other emergency could happen at any time. The best way to protect your employees is by having a professional company install a full fire protection system and security system. This will help you rest easy knowing that a respectable professional company is watching out for your business at all times. Professional monitoring services mean that should a fire break out or a robbery occur, the necessary professionals will be alerted.
  3. Practice – Fire drills may seem silly or like a waste of productive business time, but they could save lives one day. Run your employees through a fire drill a few times during the year so that every knows exactly what they need to do in the event of an emergency. You can assign duties to some employees to be “leaders” during this time and to conduct head counts or lead their fellow employees to designated meeting spots.
  4. Prevent – The best way to prevent the worst from happening is by making sure that your fire systems are maintained and inspected regularly. This will guarantee that they are in proper working order when they are really needed.

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