Fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and other aspects of fire protection systems are absolutely essential for ensuring that your workplace is a safe environment. However, as advanced and life-saving systems as these systems are, they cannot help protect your people and your property from one huge threat – your employees themselves.

A large percentage of common fire hazards in the office are actually caused by the employees. Here are just a few ways that humans can accidentally cause a fire in your office:

  • Clutter – More than just an annoyance for other coworkers, clutter can be an incredibly dangerous fire hazard in the office. Typical clutter consists of files, paperwork, boxes, or other types of office equipment. These items can just be thought of as fuel for a fire, as they are extremely flammable and allow flames to more rampantly spread. In addition to this threat, clutter may also become a safety hazard as it can block emergency exits and pathways out of the building in the event of an emergency. The best way to correct this issue is to explain to your employees just how dangerous (and real of a threat) clutter can be and explain how it could keep them from escaping the building if a fire broke out instead of simply asking them to clean it up.
  • Electrical Issues – Obviously not every electrical issue is caused by human error nor is it something that can be spotted by humans, but precautions should be taken by every employee when it comes to electrical equipment. Everyone in the office should keep an eye out for things such as overloaded extension cords or surge protectors, electronics that have been left plugged in by accident, or any other suspicious electrical activity. Company or building owners should also have their electrical equipment and wiring tested on a regular basis, as faulty electrical wires are one of the most common fire hazards threatening businesses.
  • Human Error – As simple as it sounds, general human error is a major fire hazard in many different aspects of your business. From leaving things unattended on a stovetop to go answer a phone call and burning things in the microwave during lunch, to simply smoking a cigarette in unauthorized areas can pose major risks.

The importance of vigilant workplace fire prevention and protection cannot be stressed enough. From system installation and inspection to maintenance and emergency service, A Total Solution, Inc. is here to help keep your business safe and sound. To learn more about our fire protection services, please contact us today at 727-478-0276 or submit a form here.