From the last employee to turn the lights off in the office to the one to unlock the door in the morning, fire protection and safety should be considered every employee’s responsibility. While hazards obviously differ from workplace to workplace, there are common issues that should be identified no matter where your location. Finding these hazards and taking care of them ahead of time could mean the difference between loss of property or loss of life should a fire occur.

Here are a few potential fire hazards that you and your employees should be aware of in Fire Protection Workplace Fire Hazardsyour business:

  • Heating Equipment – Heat lamps, furnaces, heat tape, and broilers are all potential hazards that must be properly maintained and regularly inspected to prevent any kind of issue. Being that they are a literal heat source, never leaving them unattended and ensuring that they are not malfunctioning is absolutely critical in the preventing fires.
  • Cooking Equipment – Primary found in the restaurant and service industry, stoves and other cooking equipment are one of the leading causes of fires in buildings that are not residential. With open flames and grease involved, it is important that the equipment is only used by trained professionals who know what to do should something go wrong. Even simple things, such as coffee makers and toasters, in office kitchens or common areas may be hazardous due to a high frequency of use every day.
  • Servers and Computers – Server storage areas and computer equipment areas are typically working 24/7, which could potentially create electrical or overheating issues. It is important that these areas are properly monitored and managed, and that they have enough air circulation.
  • Appliances, Electrical Outlets, and Wiring – Wiring and cords may become worn out due to overuse and appliances have been known to burn out after a while. Be sure that these things are inspected during your regular fire inspection. If you hear a buzzing noise coming from your electrical outlets or lighting switches, your wiring could be faulty. This issue should be address immediately by an electrician before it starts an electrical fire.

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