Did you know that approximately 80,000 commercial fires occur in the United States every year? These devastating occurrences cause over 18,000 injuries, 3,000 deaths, and billions of dollars in property damage.

Many potential fire hazards may be lurking in your office. Without the necessary fire protection systems, your business could in serious danger.

The numerous fire hazards in the workplace include:

  • Electrical Problems – Electrical fires are all-too common in businesses and commercial buildings. There are many sources for these types of fires, including faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, and the unsafe use of electrical equipment. It is also important that adequate spacing is maintained between electrical heating units and materials that may be flammable.
  • Cooking – While many may think of “cooking” as working with a stove and oven at home, the National Fire Protection Association approximates that up to 25-percent of fires in office buildings are actually caused by cooking equipment. For some reason, workers tend not to exercise the same caution when it comes to cooking in the office as they would in their own home.
  • Inappropriate Handling of Flammable Materials – Many commercial buildings and workshops are filled with materials that are considered combustible or flammable. The risk of fire increase when there is a failure to handle such materials without the necessary precautions, as even something as simple as paper file storage can become quite a threat. When these same combustible materials are not properly disposed of, they can also ignite and may cause a fire.
  • Arson – Arson is surprisingly one of the top causes of workplace fires. Whether it is due to acts of vandalism or actually set on purpose to collect benefits payable from an insurance policy, many workplace fires are intentionally set.
  • Smoking – The modern workplace is required by law to have designated smoking areas, but a heavy concentration of smokers in one area can actually pose quite a risk when cigarette butts are not properly disposed of or extinguished.

The best way to protect your business from potential fire hazards is by having professional fire protection systems installed. With the necessary fire alarm systems, commercial fire sprinkler systems, and regular fire inspections, your business will be protected should the unthinkable happen. For information on business fire protection services, contact A Total Solution, Inc. today.