Every single part of your commercial building or facility is full of electrical outlets and wires. From the emergency lights to the machines used for transporting items, there are even invisible wires all around you. Did you know that malfunctions with these wires has caused over 8 percent of all commercial fires from 2005 to 2014? With every wire, there is a dangerous opportunity for fire and sparks.

Faulty wiring and damaged heat sources are common causes of electrical fires. However, with a keen eye and proper inspections, you can ensure that your building has proper fire protection.

Here are a few signs that you should be on the lookout for to prevent electrical fires:

  • Heat and odd smells – Do you feel heat coming off of your electrical outlets? Are they emitting an odd burning smell? These could be warning signs of an overloaded outlet in one location. They could be running too many things at once, causing too much electricity to flow through the outlet, which could be very dangerous for your whole building.
  • Circuits and fuses – Fuses and circuits are also something that should be checked regularly. If your fuses seem to be blowing constantly or you find that your circuits are tripping, these are signs that they are overloaded. These problems could also cause a fire when not properly attended to.
  • Wiring corrosion – Do you know when your facility or building’s wiring was last replaced? One major and all-to-common source of electrical fires is outdated and defective wiring in buildings. Even though all types of wiring have the potential to eventually break down, wiring that has been exposes to environmental elements or things that can corrode them will break down at an expedited rate. If your wiring be in a sheath with insulation, it should be replaced on a more regular basis.

Electrical fires are devastating occurrences for business and building owners. It is important that you schedule regular fire inspections and have an updated fire protection system installed to ensure the safety of your employees, occupants, and property before the unthinkable happens. For more information and to schedule your inspection, contact the fire safety experts at A Total Solution, Inc. today.