The unfortunate truth is that many fires occur in commercial buildings every year. What is even more unfortunate is that they are commonly caused by human error and are, in many cases, actually preventable when the right fire protection systems are in place.

Here are a few of the most common causes for fires in commercial fires:

  • Electrical Issues – Businesses of today rely on technology for nearly everything; they would simply be unable to function without electronic devices. With these technological tools, such as computers and phone systems, come cables and wires. If these wires are not positioned and maintained properly, they can become major fire hazards. The smallest fraying of a cable can spark a fire.
  • Cooking – Kitchen fires are all too common of occurrences in commercial buildings. In most cases, these fires start because of human error such as forgetting to turn off equipment or using them incorrectly. However, in some instances, there are malfunctions where no one is to blame. Kitchen staff must be properly trained in order to prevent dangerous fires.
  • Heating – Heaters, boilers, and furnaces are three items that can never be neglected. These heat sources require routine maintenance in order not to become major fire hazards. Business owners must also be sure that explosive or flammable items are not stored anywhere near these heat sources in the commercial building to avoid any unnecessary risks.
  • Smoking – The number of people who smoke has thankfully come down in recent years, but cigarettes and cigars can still be a major fire hazard. Do not allow employees to smoke inside and make sure that any designated smoking area is a safe distance away from your building to avoid any issues.

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