In any sprinkler system, fire pumps are the main component. Its main job is to supply the amount of water pressure needed for the sprinkler to act properly. Fire pumps are usually customized for every site they have placed because of the variation of water pressure at certain locations. Because of the importance of fire pumps, regular maintenance and service to these pumps should be done to ensure everything is always working properly.

Importance of Fire Pumps:

For obvious reasons, fire pumps play a crucial part in personal safety as well as building safety. Especially in high-rise structures, fire pumps are the component that distributes water to the sprinklers where water pressure from water mains and other fire equipment aren’t able to reach. These pumps are also important for the firefighters as well. In buildings they can’t get to right away or bring as much equipment with them, these pumps are able to give relief for them to know things will be handled during this time. Sprinklers are the first line of defense when an emergency fire happens. For the pumps being the heart of these sprinklers to work properly, a faulty fire pump could be catastrophic for the building and those in it.

How They Work:

These fire pumps are more than just a typical “pump”. They are actually made up of a full system that is combined with a motor and the controller. Fire pumps are part of the fire sprinkler system: the pump gets the water either underground or from a lake, water tank, or reservoir. The high pressure that is supplied distributes the water throughout the hose standpipes and sprinkler systems that are connected.

Types of Fire Pumps:

The ordinary types of fire pumps are horizontal split case, vertical split case, vertical in-line, and vertical turbine. Even though there are several, the most common type is the horizontal split case.  These types of pumps are popular because of their size and lifespan which offer more accessibility for repairs and maintenance. Vertical split case pumps are similar, but they often take up less space because of their design and their protection from flooding damage from occurring. Because there are different types of fire pumps, you need to make sure you have the one that is appropriate for you. A fire safety professional can help you educate you on this process, as well as a design engineer.

Installing, Inspections, and Maintaining:

Always let fire professionals handle any installations and maintenance actions when it comes to fire pumps. This is important because of the many building codes that need to be appropriate, so no violations are placed in the future. Weekly inspections are important to make sure everything is working properly in case of an emergency. Never try to fix anything on your own; fire professionals and experts in this field should be the only ones to help with any installation, inspections, and maintenance issues when it comes down to fire pumps.

At A Total Solution, Inc. (ATS), we understand life safety and asset protection, with total commitment to quality for your inspection, installation, and service of both fire pumps and fire sprinkler systems. Our dedicated technicians are certified to inspect, maintain, and repair all aspects of fire pumps. After an inspection, we provide a detailed inspection report of our findings and will work with you to figure out a solution for any required maintenance. We also use an electronic record system for inspections that will let us know when your future inspections are due so that you do not have to worry about whether your system is up to code.

ATS is equipped and ready to service your fire pump, whether powered by diesel or electrical motor. We service vertical turbines, split case, vertical inline, and end line systems. Our repairs include complete troubleshooting and replacement of malfunctioning fire pump components such as pressure switches, gauges, motor repairs, jockey pumps, and fire pump controllers. We also repack and rebuild fire pumps. All our repairs comply with NFPA 20, county, and city requirements.

Don’t wait until it is too late to find out if your fire pump is working correctly or not. Contact the fire safety experts at A Total Solution, Inc. today to learn more about our fire pump services.