In a perfect world, a commercial fire protection system would be a one-and-done situation that required no upkeep or maintenance. We’re busy working on making that happen one day, but as of right now, fire systems age just like everything else. Thanks to the incredible advances in the latest life safety technologies, updates to your system will save you considerable time and money.

So, how do you know when your commercial fire protection system needs an update? Here are four common signs.

  • System Age – Our industry has made major strides in technology for fire Commercial Fire Protection Updateprevention in the last decade. Since equipment is constantly being made more reliable and efficient, it is important to ensure that your system is updated with the new technology or you could be missing something.
  • Too Many Service Calls – Have you had to make service calls more and more frequently? Are these service calls becoming more routine? Are your bills inflating due to the ridiculous amounts of calls? These are signs that your older system is not functioning properly and needs an upgrade. This will not only ensure that your system is providing you with the best fire protection available, but also reduce your service calls and maintenance fees!
  • Changes in Your Business or Areas of Your Facility – Have you made any changes to your business that would have an effect on the fire code in an area of the facility? For example, have you relocated the flammables to a different area of the building? This may mean that you need additional protection, such as additional alarm monitoring or fire extinguishers to remain compliant with the fire code. Upgrading your fire system and making the necessary adjustments will ensure that your business is properly protected.
  • Paying Too Much for Your Monitoring Services – Many business are not fully aware of how much they are really paying to have their fire safety monitored every month. It is possible that an inexpensive, simple upgrade could result in incredible savings over time. For example, switching to a wireless fire alarm monitoring system could allow them to cut any additional landlines and lower their costs.

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