When most people think about a home security system, they picture it as an invisible guard protecting their home and valuables while they are away. While they are correct in this picture, they are missing the various other modes that a security alarm is equipped with and how they can protect you not only while you are on-the-go, but also whilst you are in the home.

home-securityWhat Does Home Mode Do?

One of the most important features of a home security system is “home mode.” In this setting, all of the traditional sensors are monitored, including entry sensors, glass break sensors, environmental sensors (including smoke alarm and water sensors), and panic sensors are all armed with the exception of the motion sensors. This lets you and your loved ones sleep soundly knowing that your home is completely protected and monitored.

Let’s say you have a space in your home that is normally vacant, such as a basement or attic space, you will want to make sure that it is protected as well. Placing a motion sensor in certain rooms and having them synched to turn on when home mode is activated may customize your system. There are a few different ways to arm your system in home mode. Obviously, the easiest will probably be pressing the “home” button on your keypad once everyone is inside, as there is no entry delay in this setting.

What Is the Difference Between Home Mode and Away Mode?

Almost every alarm system has two different arming settings: home mode and away mode. Armed away mode is designed for when you want to deploy the full system. In this mode, all zones and sensors will be activated including motion detectors. In home mode, only your perimeter sensors will be activated so that you can walk around the house without accidentally tripping an alarm.

Why Choose A Total Solution?

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