There are myths surrounding IP or cloud-based video surveillance that can make business owners feel that they are unsafe or unrealistic for their company. Many people believe that cloud video is too expensive, lacking in security, or even too complex to install. In reality, these ideas couldn’t be further from the truth.

Cloud video hosting can actually boost the overall security of your business and considered to be a great alternative to traditional analog systems. Here a few of the top benefits of hosting video surveillance in the cloud:

  • Improved Accessibility – Traditional analog video surveillance footage is only available for review when on the business premises. Obviously, this can make it impossible to view footage from across locations or when on-the-go. Hosting video in the cloud allows business owners to view their security footage via laptop, tablet, or smartphone anytime from anywhere. All that is required is the secure log in to stream the video live or watch archived videos. Most of the new and improve cloud-based cameras of today also feature in-camera analytics to make the data more accessible. This means that company owners are able to filter footage instead of watching hours of video when looking for a specific incident.
  • Cost-Effective Protection – Yes, the upfront cost of cloud-based cameras is typically more expensive than analog. This contributes to the myth that they are much too costly. However, purchasing this type of camera means that the business owner will not need to purchase an onsite digital video recorder or network video recorder. These cameras also require less maintenance as there is no software or equipment that requires updating. In the long run, cloud cameras are actually the most cost-effective choice, especially for smaller companies.
  • More Flexibility – To expand an analog network of security cameras, the physical infrastructure of the security system would require an expansion. Cloud-based cameras allow for easy scaling with the business’s needs. New locations, cameras, and users can be easily added on without rewiring.

At A Total Solution, Inc., we offer cloud-based maintenance, installations, monitoring, repairs, and even emergency services. We are also proud to be an authorized Bosch Cloud CCTV dealer. To learn more about cloud video hosting, contact the A Total Solution, Inc. team today!