The holiday season is an unusual time for many businesses. Extended or shortened hours, altered traffic patterns, and varying work schedules can disrupt normal business operations. And while that creates new opportunities, it also creates new security challenges. An incomplete, older system can become overwhelmed, protocols don’t get followed, and safety and threat risks increase. Just a few costly mistakes can turn a positive part of your business season into a negative.

The Bosch Access Management System (AMS) provides a modern suite of access control options, with unparalleled scalability and flexibility. During normal times of the year, it offers simple-to-use resources that provide employees, visitors, and clients with a pleasant experience inside your location. Users have comprehensive data and control to ensure secure areas remain that way, and access changes can be made in real-time. The business, and everyone in it, remains secure.

And when variables change during the holiday season, your Bosch AMS changes with it. Temporary worker onboarding, access level changes for existing employees, and highlighted monitoring are all available when you need them. Inventory areas and emergency exits might need extra attention, and changes can be made instantly to enhance security, such as video monitoring and enhanced check-in procedures. Modern pre-registration and self-registration processes offer comprehensive security without burdening traffic and workflow. When different locations within the building need to be altered (to accommodate more inventory or employee workspace, for example) badge access can be adjusted to accommodate current needs. And everything can be monitored efficiently with the map view option, which can cover the entire perimeter at a glance.

If a breach occurs, users will be alerted and guided to a quick response based on the threat level, and those responses and levels can change at different times over the holidays. A protocol during extended hours will look very different than a day when the location closes early or has minimal staff. And in all cases, data and assets are protected while the business continues operations.

After the holidays, comprehensive reports show how and when entry points were accessed, and who used them the most. Traffic volume and patterns, along with an extensive review of security protocols, can ensure the best use of space and staffing in future years. The Bosch AMS has efficiency built in, with valuable data that allows the system to keep evolving to your needs.

The holiday season doesn’t have to be a challenging time for businesses due to seasonal changes in inventory, traffic, and employee resources. At the same time, workers and visitors don’t need to have unpleasant experiences navigating these changes. The Bosch AMS can update your protocols with a modern system that keeps traffic flowing smoothly while keeping the entire location secure. And when the holiday season ends, it can revert back to your regular patterns with no disruptions. Contact A Total Solution for more detailed information and answers to your questions.