According to a statistic reported by the National Restaurant Association, over half of all restaurant fires originate from food prep equipment. These types of fires are what we aim to knock out with kitchen hood suppression systems. To protect your restaurant and its occupants, it’s crucial to ensure that your kitchen hood fire suppression system is installed and maintained properly. If you want to better understand what these systems are and how they work, that’s what we’re going to going to be going over today.

How do they work?

All fires need three things to stay alive: oxygen, heat, and fuel. When the suppression system detects a fire, the nozzle built into the kitchen hood will release the chemical fire extinguisher directly onto the source of the fire. This chemical extinguisher is engineered to rapidly suffocate fires by cutting them off from their oxygen. The systems are integrated into the appliance as well, cutting the gas line off the moment a fire is detected, depriving the fire of fuel. Attacking the fire from both angles with precision kills the fire off without impacting much of the rest of the kitchen area, meaning that most of your kitchen can remain operational immediately after cleanup.

Why use suppression systems over traditional extinguishers?

While having traditional fire extinguishing methods on hand at all times is also deeply important for general safety, structural damage to your building is much more of a hassle to take care of than the installation and maintenance of a kitchen hood system, as well as being much more expensive. There’s honestly just no accounting for the security of having an automated system to snuff out new fires before you even have a chance to resort to traditional fire extinguishing methods, or before the fire has a chance to do any real damage.

Restaurant Fire suppression Systems and kitchen hood systems require inspections twice a year in order to remain in top shape and in compliance with fire codes. At A Total Solution, inc., we provide total kitchen hood fire suppression system services including inspections, servicing, repairs, modifications, and updates as required by the State and insurance provider to keep you in proper compliance and to be certain that your system is in proper working order. Contact us today for a free consultation!