A communication link between residents, patients, and caregivers is the main priority for everyone’s safety. Nurse call systems are used so patients can communicate with professionals when they need help. Depending on the system you are using, these call systems allow nurses to talk to one another as well. Places such as nursing homes, hospitals, doctor offices, and at-home caregivers are hot spots for these unique systems. Even though you can see these call systems in many places, they all have one goal in mind and that is to ensure safety.

What Are Nurse Call Systems:

Health care facilities can be hectic at times, and it can be hard to keep up with multiple patients at the same time. Things happen that are out of your control where you might not be able to check in on patients as often as you would like. Because of these issues, most health care facilities use something called Nurse Call Systems. These are the backbone of these facilities because they help everyone keep each other safe in times of emergency for patients. Throughout the years, these systems have changed quite a bit. Even with a change, they have still kept the same fundamental function.

These systems are equipped for a patient to alert or communicate to the specified caregiver that is attending to them. They are held close by so patients are able to do this quickly and without much movement. These systems are user-friendly so with one click of a button and your message will be delivered to those attending to you. Even though these are primarily for patients, nurses and caregivers can use these to communicate with each other as well with what needs to be done during times of emergency.

Why They Are Important:

Nurse call systems are useful resources used to help ensure safety and responsiveness with everyone involved. They have improved workflow in health care facilities because of the boost of communication and quicker response time. Time is everything in these facilities; it is life or death in some circumstances. In case of an emergency, the patient can quickly click the button and it will send a signal to the health care professional of their exact location.

Nurse call systems provide a better workflow with fewer disturbances. With an optimized workflow, potential losses with time and money are cut. Most systems are able to store information. This is an important aspect that allows a simple touch of a button to be transmitted among the medical staff present.

With an organized system, better communication and decisions are made.  It allows the staff to make less mistakes which help save money and the reputation of the facility. But with the same goal in mind of patient safety and health, patients are able to feel more contempt knowing that one click of a button can get them the care they need immediately.

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