Historically people have used security systems to protect their assets.  These security systems come in all shapes and sizes but primarily fall into two categories:  active, or offensive, and reactive. When a crime is committed at or near a business, it puts the business owner’s ability to provide for his or herself and the family in jeopardy.  The key to protecting your business from a vast array of crimes is through the use of an advanced security system, including offensive, or active, video surveillance.  Not only does the business owner benefit from active video surveillance, but, as many homeowners also utilize home security systems, residential property owners will be able to successfully use offensive video surveillance to protect their homes and the people living in them from criminal activity.

In order for your active video surveillance system to function properly, it is imperative that you contract with a reputable and qualified service with qualified technicians to install and manage your security system.  Offensive video surveillance allows your property to be monitored 24/7 and can alert local authorities as to criminal activity, accidents, or even fires.

The Difference Between Active and Reactive Can Mean the Difference Between Stopping a Crime and Hoping to Recover Your Assets

As a business owner or homeowner, especially in these uncertain times, criminal activity is a real concern.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop the crime before it even happens?  Offensive video surveillance gives you that option.  The use of video cameras and motion sensors has been known to deter criminals from acting out their plans.  For instance, if a thief is scoping out your business for an after-hours break-in, a motion sensor will pick up their movements and raise an alarm, many times turning on a bright light or emitting a loud sound, which is usually enough to frighten away the thief. These high-tech security systems also allow you to interface directly with law enforcement. When burglars follow through on their plans and actually breach the property, your monitored offensive video surveillance system will pick up the breach and immediately alert local law enforcement that a crime is taking place.  The benefit of this is that the police have a stronger chance of capturing the perpetrators before they are able to get away with your property.  Active video surveillance is the most effective way to catch criminals in the act and prevent property loss.

Conversely, reactive video surveillance would only afford the business or property owners the ability to provide video surveillance footage after the crime had been committed.  That data is typically stored on DVRs, which have limited storage.  Many times the criminals will not only get away with the break-in, but they will also get away with your business or personal property. Reactive video surveillance provides the business and homeowner to keep a record of activity on the property, many times providing vital information like license plate numbers, images of the perpetrator(s), and evidence of how the situation unfolded; however, reactive video surveillance does not allow the immediate notification to local authorities.  While reactive video surveillance may seem to be an economical choice for your business, you must also contemplate how the economic effects of the loss of your property.  Is it worth it to you and your business to skimp on security?

Offensive Video
Offensive Video with remote viewing

How We Stop Crime in Process or Before It Even Happens

It is important for you as the business owner to get the upper hand on criminals.  Switching yourself and your business to offensive instead of using a reactive video surveillance system helps you as the business owner outsmart those wily criminals who are looking to steal and/or damage your property.  Real-time alerts to local authorities are a key component of successful offensive video surveillance.  These alerts are made possible through a 24/7 monitored video system.  Having the ability to catch the criminal in the act instead of trying to locate them after they have damaged or stolen your property puts the power back in the hands of the business owner.

Using a video surveillance system monitored by an outside source allows you to work efficiently, while the monitors ensure you are secure and protected at all times.  The monitors are able to advise local authorities of any and all suspicious activities, including issues with trespassers, employee assaults, and parking lot break-ins.  Employees are less likely to steal from your business or act inappropriately if they are aware they are being monitored.  Many offensive video surveillance systems provide the business owner with signs alerting people that the business is monitored 24/7.   This acts as a deterrent to criminals who may abandon their plans before they even get started.

An offensive video surveillance system helps in the event of other emergencies as well.  For example, a real concern for restaurants is fire.  While no one wants a fire to engulf their business, fast-acting firefighters who have been alerted to the start of fire via a monitored security system have the ability to contain or minimize the damage to the restaurant.  They are able to go into the fire, knowing where it started, and act swiftly to put it out, which will help save the restaurant from extensive and expensive damage.  Unmonitored, reactive video surveillance does not allow the restaurant owner the same ability.  Without active video surveillance, the firefighters would not be alerted until an outside source noticed the fire and was able to alert them.  If this were an after-hours fire, the damage would be devastating and potentially irreparable.

Modernizing and updating your security system to include offensive video surveillance is key to securing your assets and property.  Security systems are vital to business owners.  A Total Solution will cover all of your offensive video surveillance needs.  Contact us today for a free consultation!