At A Total Solution, we are your one-stop shop for all of your home or business security needs, from design through installation and monitoring.  Formed in 1988, ATS founder, John Robinson, wanted to create a company that embraced the idea of Complete Customer Satisfaction and expressed it through experienced employees who take pride in their work.   ATS prides itself on its ability to work with customers to ensure their needs are met through any budgetary restrictions.

Security and Fire Protection on a Budget
Security and Fire Protection on a Budget

Need Security and Fire Protection On a Budget?

After the uncertainty of 2020 with its global pandemic and general economic discontent, it is important to ensure your property is protected.  However, that economic discontent may have distorted your bottom line and financial concerns may have moved higher up on your personal stressor scale.  It is always important to know where you stand financially, but there is no need to let a wavering bottom line prevent you from obtaining the necessary fire and security systems for your home and business.  Don’t let these tumultuous times get even worse by leaving yourself unprotected. If a fire emergency occurs within your business or your facility is burglarized, a proactive approach can relieve the burden of an impact during these uncertain times.

ATS’ goal of Complete Customer Satisfaction not only rests on the professional and courteous service of the employees and technicians, nor with the expansive range of services and systems offered, but also with its ability to work within their customers’ budgets to ensure they are receiving the best value for their dollar.  For those customers who are facing financial woes or operating within strict budgets, ATS does offer financing options.  We want you, your family, your employees, your home, your business, and your property to be safe and protected, and we strive to ensure all of your needs are met within budgetary constraints in every situation.  No business or home should be without updated fire alarm systems or video surveillance.  At ATS, we know that we have a solution for all of your security needs and can meet those needs through financing options that work within your budget.

Navitas Partners

ATS has coordinated its financing options through Navitas, a nationwide direct lender with a spotlight on small and medium-sized businesses.  Navitas takes pride in its exceptional customer service as well as the following five attributes of a customer-friendly lender:

  1. Fast Turnaround:  Navitas wants to ensure you get the financing you need when you need it.  To that end, they provide credit decisions in less than two hours.
  2. New Business Program: Navitas financing options are not only for long-standing, multi-generational corporations.  They will extend credit to newly founded businesses that are even only zero to six months old.
  3. Preferred Pricing: Staying on top of your credit pays off with Navitas.  This lender rewards customers with a solid credit history with preferred pricing.
  4. Flexible Credit Support: If your credit rating is not something you are proud of, never fear, Navitas still has solutions for you. Navitas works diligently to approve businesses with challenging credit histories.
  5. Quick Funding: Navitas has embraced the digital age.  There is no need to gather together in an office to coordinate a closing of the loan.  Instead, Navitas provides electronic documents that may be executed with electronic signatures.  This allows for faster processing, no need for scanning, and easy storage of your loan documents, making them less likely to get lost.

Contact ATS to ensure your home or business is safe and sound without worrying about breaking the bank.  We have access to financing options for all of our customers.