Fire safety. Obviously something to actively be conscious of, and to be prepared for. But so often is the case that with all the drama that naturally comes with a fire, we may tend to forget about a very important member of the family; our pets. Just like you would prepare a fire emergency kit for you and your family, you need to be prepared for your four legged friend as well.

pet-fire-safety-puppySome Facts About Pets

  • Unfortunately, 40,000 pets die each year in house fires
  • Over 1000 fires are caused by pets each year
  • And it is actually human irresponsibility that helps pets cause those fires

Tips For Preventing House Fires

  • You’ll want to buy to knob covers for your stove. Your pet could easily nudge them, igniting the burner. The burners are actually really inexpensive, and they are definitely worth the little price to prevent a fire. 
  • Don’t leave candles unattended. A curious cat could see the flame flickering and investigate it. All it takes is a cat to be a cat, and the candle is slid off the counter and the blinds in the living go up in flames. Make sure that if you light a candle you stay in the room or extinguish it before leaving the room.
  • Think about pet-proofing your home much like you would if you were baby-proofing. It is the same kind of process. You’ll want to cover up any sockets if you have a curious pet, or make sure hazards like extension cords and loose wires are hidden well enough to prevent a potential hazard.

Being Prepared

Having a few preparation plans lined up for your pet before and after a fire is just as important as the plan you make for yourself and family. A rescue alert sticker can notify firemen if there are pets inside the home so they know who to look for once they are inside.

Arranging a place to house your pet if you have to evacuate and stay while your house is being prepared is really important. Keeping an emergency kit with needs both you and your pet will have to have like water and food, or first aid, and having your pet’s identification up-to-date with the correct contact information.

In your emergency kit you can items like leashes and carriers that help with the transportation of a pet. Having a photograph of your pet can help someone identify your pet if you happen to be separated from them during the fire or disaster. And depending on how long you may be out of your home, you may want to have some food, water, and bowls to keep your pet feed. These tips and facts are essential to keep one of your beloved four legged family member safe during a fire or any other accident that may occur.

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