In today’s socio-economic climate it is imperative to safeguard property at your home and business.  A Total Solution has been a leader in meeting and exceeding the security needs of home and business owners across Tampa Bay since 1988.  ATS ensures its skilled and NICET certified technicians provide a one stop shop for all of its clients’ remote access security needs.  NICET certified technicians are put through a thorough and rigorous multi-level certification program to provide top notch service for state of the art remote access systems.

Remote Security Control Options

Remote access security control systems provide not only security for business and property owners, but also the benefit of convenience.  Most of the new systems are accessed through an app which may be downloaded on tablets and/or smart phones, allowing you to monitor your facilities and provide access to the intended location from the comfort of your recliner at home or from the posh new Italian restaurant on date night.  Not only do these remote security access control systems provide protection from criminal acts, they are also modifiable to include notifications for other life saving devices like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Remote access control systems come in all shapes and sizes and are typically developed around the client’s budget with a multitude of options.  These highly adaptable systems allow property owners to control locking and unlocking doors, turning off and on lights, arming and disarming security systems, and even turning off and on and controlling the temperature for HVAC systems.  This allows for employees to get the job done when the need arises without the requirement for a manager or supervisor to provide building access.  Remote access control systems also ensure the employees are accessing only the specific areas they need, reducing employee theft. These systems also provide comfort in knowing that as you pull out of your driveway for that long needed vacation, there is no need to worry about whether or not you locked the door.  Open the app and lock it from the car.  It’s as simple as that.  Then, when you return, you can drop the temperature on the air conditioning, ensuring sweet relief from the heat as you make your way back into the house.

ATS is a proud provider of Bosch B-Series remote access systems.  These top of the line systems are a great option for homes and small to mid-size businesses.  They operate using IP addresses, as opposed to telephones, which allow the system to still be fully operational should an intruder cut the telephone lines.  Bosch B series systems may also be integrated with video surveillance to ensure you have an eye on everything at all times. B Series systems have the ability to turn your home or business into a smart location, allowing you to automate lighting or temperatures. Technology is amazing!

Alarm Monitoring

For many property owners it makes sense to have someone else looking out for the business.  There are only twenty four hours in a day, and as a home owner you want to spend time with your family.  As a business owner, your priorities need to be with maximizing your business, not staring at an app wondering when someone is going to try to break in and steal or deface your life’s work. To that end, companies like ATS provide alarm monitoring for security systems.  Many clients make the choice to include off-site remote access and alarm monitoring as a way to take the pressure off of you and ensure your property is guarded with access to the most efficient path to emergency services should the need arise. ATS provides central station monitoringfor your security system providing endless service to ensure your home and/or business is never truly alone.  Commercial and residential monitoring comes with 24/7 service from fully trained techs who are equipped to handle any emergency situation.  ATS provides its clients peace of mind through their understanding that there is always someone available to help no matter the time of day or night.

Maintenance and Repairs

Once the system is installed and your central station monitoring is set up, it is imperative that the system be properly maintained and, should the need arise, repaired.  As with all things in the computer world, updates are made available for most cloud based systems.  It is always best practice to hire a competent contractor to perform these updates, service items and to make any necessary repairs to ensure your system is functioning optimally at all times.  ATS is fully adept in the full service spectrum of remote access systems.  Once the system is installed, an ATS technician will provide clients with a maintenance schedule to ensure all batteries, sensors and wires are in top working order and that the strength of signal is at maximum capacity. Routine annual inspections are a cost effective way to keep the system running smoothly. Should any repairs need to be made, clients rest easy knowing they are in good hands with ATS’ technicians, who are available 24/7 every day to provide emergency service should an issue arise.

When purchasing a remote access system, it is critical that you hire competent technicians to install the system efficiently and correctly with the modifications and integrations you need.  Choosing a reputable industry leader like ATS makes proper business sense.  ATS and its certified technicians work with clients to provide the highest quality services possible within the constraints of the clients’ budget.

A Total Solution prides itself on its superior customer service and NICET certified technicians who have vast experience installing, maintaining, and repairing working with the top remote access systems on the market today.  Most of the technicians employed by ATS have been working in this industry for ten or more years. Contact ATS today, and we will work together to find the right solution that works for your budget and your remote access needs.