We’ve reported in the past about the variety of different fire causes to be concerned about when looking commercially or at the home. Looking at how those numbers have changed over the course of the past few years can do a lot in illuminating the impact better standards for fire security have had as a whole. After all, fires are still one of the biggest causes of preventable injury, death, and monetary losses that any family or business might have to contend with.

Of course, the most common cause of any fire throughout all of human history is accidental. Human Error. Negligence for basic fire safety is a big part of this category of fires, but it’s almost as common to find that someone isn’t outright negligent, they understand and are aware of fire prevention strategies, but that they just weren’t quite careful enough. Between 2012 and 2016, there was a notable rise in the number of fires caused by the misuse of smoking materials, fires which were ultimately attributed to 24% of all house-fire related deaths during the period. Electrical systems and/or appliances are still a huge of commercial and homestead fires too, and by a margin. All too often, people will have electrical work for them by dangerously under-qualified electricians. Even when that isn’t a factor, oftentimes appliances themselves can cause fires when lacking the proper maintenance. Heating systems like furnaces and water heaters are also, intuitively enough, a very common point of origin for fires, and that hasn’t changed at all. Any incident regarding their installation, maintenance, or use can cause them to trigger a fire.

What Can Be Done To Avoid These Fires?

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