How likely is it that your business will be the next target of a break-in, robbery, or employee theft? While every business that handles cash or keeps anything of value in the building is technically a threat, there are some types of businesses that are at higher risk.

Here are a few examples of businesses that are more likely to be targeted:

  • Banks – Since they are literally “where the money is,” banks offer convenient access for robbers as they keep cash on-hand and typically do not have very many employees. The lure of a large amount of cash also makes them a favorite. Thankfully, most of today’s banks have high-tech alarm systems in place to prevent this from happening.
  • Retail Stores – There are many reasons why retail stores are a favorite spot for burglaries. They are typically open later in the evenings, with some staying open around the clock, providing convenient access under the cover of darkness for thieves. They also deal in cash and have a limited number of employees working at one time. Gas stations, liquor stores, and jewelry stores are all well-known robbery hotspots. Employee theft is also rampant in retail stores without proper security systems.
  • Construction Sites – It may seem like an unlikely spot for thieving, but construction sites typically house expensive equipment that can be rather attractive to robbers. This means both thieves who steal from unoccupied sites after-hours and construction workers who simply walk off the site with expensive tools.
  • Warehouses – Surprisingly, the major theft issue in warehouses isn’t from an outside robber, but from employees. This is due to the fact that most warehouses are large structures that feature blind spots in security system monitoring, which then makes it hard to track all employees at all times. More experienced employees can then determine where the blind spots are to avoid any detection while stealing goods or products.

Is your business on the list? What can you do to deter robbers from targeting your company? The best way to protect yourself and your business is to have a professional security company install and monitory a security system that fits all of the unique needs of your specific space.

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