As a small business owner, you have worked entirely too hard to let your business end up a victim of fraud and theft. Losses from theft can be one of the biggest reasons that your business struggles.

Do not wait until it is too late to invest in protection for your business and your future. It is of the utmost importance that you have the necessary security systems in place to safeguard your company. It may seem like a hefty price to pay upfront, but it will absolutely pay for itself.

Are you still unsure as to whether or not you really need a security system? Here are four theft statistics that you cannot afford to ignore:

  1. According to the University of Florida National Retail Security Survey, small businesses lose up to $33,000 to shoplifters every minute. With the average shoplifting case totaling at approximately $50, this adds up to a whopping $44 billion in losses every year. What is astounding is that up to 40% of these stolen goods are literally walking out the door.
  2. An average business can lose up to 5% of its revenue to fraud and embezzlement. A study conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that the average cost of a fraud case is around $145,000 and may reach up to $563,000 when conducted by higher level employees. Damage has topped $1 million in more that 20% of cases. What is even more disturbing is that in an estimated 92% of these cases, employees showed common behavioral red flags that could have alerted business owners if they were monitoring them via security cameras.
  3. Your business is not only threatened by outside dangers, but also those on the inside. It is estimated that 64% of all small businesses end up falling victim to employee theft. Kessler International conducted an eye-opening study in which 95% of employees actually admitted to stealing from their employer. While some of that may be office supplies and such, a majority of the losses are in cash.
  4. Did you know that businesses are up to four times as likely to be burglarized as homes? Burglaries have been reported to occur every 10 seconds, but only one out of every six incidences actually have an end result of an arrest. Considering the cash register, retail products, technology, and other tempting factors, businesses are much more attractive to thieves.

These facts may be disturbing, but there is no reason that your business must become part of the statistics. At A Total Solution, Inc., we offer state-of-the-art security systems, access control systems, and security monitoring services to help protect you and your business. For more information, contact our team