The positioning of your security cameras is paramount in receiving quality and helpful footage. Choosing strategic places for security cameras will provide you with comprehensive property surveillance by ensuring that no corner is left unmonitored.

Here are a few tips to help you better understand where cameras should be placed in order for them to work most effectively.

  • Ensure that the perimeter is covered. – When having your security cameras installed, make sure that they are positioned at different angles and locations along the perimeter of your property. By covering all potential hiding spots and entrances, this will give you access to 360-degree surveillance. Should a burglar try and break in the property, you will be able to track their movements and provide evidence if needed.
  • Use both visible and hidden cameras. – A burglar will check for video cameras while canvassing a building. If they are easily spotted, cameras may help deter the criminal, but they may also tamper with them if they are accessible. It is beneficial to include hidden cameras just in case.
  • Monitor restricted and secluded areas. – It is important that security cameras are installed directly outside of restricted areas within your building. This will allow you to monitor the movements of employees while also revealing entrance attempts by unauthorized personnel. Secluded areas, such as alleyways, back entrances, and parking lots, should also be covered by a camera.
  • Place cameras out of reach. – It is common for a burglar to spray paint a camera lens or cut a wire to disable video feed when the security camera is within reach. When security cameras are placed in areas that are difficult to reach, you will deter robbers from tampering with them. Higher placement will also provide you with a wider range for each camera. Cameras should be placed up high, but not so high that you would not be able to get a detailed shot for identification purposes.

When having your security system installed, make sure that you work with your security professionals so that your entire property is protected and monitored. To learn more about how security systems could help protect your business, contact A Total Solution, Inc. today to schedule your free consultation.