The first line of defense in protecting property and people should always be perimeter detection. Why wait for criminal or emergency situations to reach your front door before you are alerted to them?  Perimeter detection solutions and perimeter intrusion alarms afford business and homeowners the advantage of knowing danger may be heading for the front door.  This advance knowledge of potentially dangerous situations allows owners the opportunity to get ahead of the situation before any damage may occur.

First Layer of Defense

Perimeter detection systems and perimeter intrusion alarms provide the first layer of security for your property.  These early warning systems operate by using sensors that detect motion for a specified location and, depending on your specific modifications, may provide significant information regarding the potential threat.  The advantage of these systems lies in the fore warning to owners, residents, and/or employees that a potential danger or hazard has accessed the property boundaries before actually reaching the interior of the building, providing the occupants of the home or commercial facility the opportunity to prepare their defense systems, including alerting the proper authorities.  Getting the jump on criminal activity and contacting the police during the initial trespass as opposed to an actual altercation drastically reduces damages incurred by the home or business owner and any residents or employees of the home or facility.

Advanced Tech Solutions

As economic upheaval continues across the globe, the security sector has seen an increase in research and development to improve perimeter detection systems.  The components of these systems include door and window alarms as well as video elements.  Many of the systems utilized today are able to be integrated with other portions of home or business security systems like central station monitoring.  One advanced solution includes the use of video analytics in perimeter detection systems.  As the quality of video cameras used in security systems advances, the options available to the cameras become increasingly exciting!

The use of video analytics by commercial facilities allows for a more precise interpretation of the video stream then a single security guard tasked with watching feeds from multiple cameras all at the same time.  Because these intelligent systems are constantly interpreting the data from the streams, an integrated system would be able to contact security personnel allowing for a swifter response.  The video analytics systems are modifiable based on the needs of the home or business.   They are able to recognize license plates and will track the vehicles near the property.  People tracking is another advantage.  The cameras will detect all persons on the property, track their movements, and use facial recognition software to identify the individuals.  This option is further modifiable by pre-setting certain people as “allowed” persons.  In doing so, the system would understand that employees, owners, and any other people that are a part of the normal business day do not trigger alerts.  The system also learns the composition of the area and may detect items left behind or out of the ordinary.  System owners are able to “teach” the analytics system what objects are normal or standard for the property.

Ease of Use Is Key

Not only are these systems highly adaptable, but they are also easy to use.  These systems operate using IP technology on secure servers. The camera feeds are available to be viewed on computers, tablets, and even on cell phones.  There is no longer a need to sit in front of multiple screens and endlessly watch camera feeds.  The analytics system will identify any threats and send a notification to the device or devices chosen by the system’s owner.  The owner also has the option of having alerts sent to central station monitors who are able to immediately alert the proper authorities.  Not only are these systems easy to use, but they also provide peace of mind to business and homeowners who are concerned about the safety of their property.

Tailor to Your Needs

The greatest benefit of modern perimeter detection systems is their versatility.  There is a system out there that will work for any budget.  Not every home or business owner needs license plate recognition or the ability to detect foreign objects.  Some owners merely require door and window alarms.  However, getting the most of your dollar is important not only for your bottom line, but also for ensuring you are protected from criminal activity.  Contracting with a reputable security company is the first step towards ensuring the safety of your family and/or employees.  A Total Solution has been assisting the Tampa Bay region with their security needs for decades.  Their certified technicians have earned the trust of the community through their comprehensive review of each business’ individual security needs. You can count on ATS to find the right solution for your security needs,

Let ATS bring you peace of mind through security solutions.  Contact us today to speak with an expert technician about the perimeter detections options available for your home or commercial facility.