AEDs, or automated external defibrillators, are machines that check and monitor the heart’s rhythm, and can also send electric pulses to the heart should it need to regain a normal rhythm. These portable devices are most typically used to treat sudden cardiac arrest, or SCA. Those who suffer from SCA typically are not able to survive without the help of an AED. This life-saving device should be used within the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest.

AEDsWho should operate an AED?

Today’s AED features simple instructions or even literally talk you through the steps as they are used through a speaker. Many people are afraid of using them due to the thought of electrical shocks and the unknown. The best thing to do when acquiring an AED for your business or company is to have every employee participate in training so that they know what to do should an emergency occur. This life-saving training will give your employees the experience and knowledge necessary to confidently operate the AED.

Should I Purchase an AED?

Anyone can purchase an AED. In the past, police officers and ambulance crews were the ones who typically carried these devices, but they may now be found in many more public places. From airports and airplanes to schools and office buildings, AEDs should be kept around in case of an emergency on the premises. If you own a business or building, you should consider purchasing your own private AED. More and more households are purchasing these defibrillators for in-home use, too.

What Kind of Training Do AEDs Require?

Receiving the proper training for the use and maintenance of AEDs can save lives. In addition to the actual machine training, employees or family members who could potentially be using the AED should also receive CPR and first aid training. This could help them be as helpful as possible in an emergency situation until the necessary professional assistance arrives. As with any emergency, it is vital that 911 is always called, but the help of a trained individual has helped save many lives before the professional help arrives.

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