Fire can be absolutely devastating to both the environment and people themselves. According to the United States Fire Administration, more than half million non-residential buildings are victims to fires each year.

How does fire protection affect me?

fire-alarm-systemsYou may be thinking, how does this directly affect you or your livelihood? Without proper fire protection service, you may find your business as just another number in that statistic made by the USFA. Your livelihood may be at stake. The last thing you want is to see is your hard earned career and business result to charred ash.

But it does not have to be that way. At A Total Solution, Inc. (ATS) we are well trained and highly experienced in the field of keeping your business safe from fire. $332,800,000 was lost in 2012 alone by businesses due to carelessness. That carelessness can range from faulty wiring in the walls of your business, to not having your fire protection alarms inspected and functioning.

ATS’s technicians are NICET certified in technological engineering, and have hands-on experience to set up your system to make sure it is working properly. Besides keeping the people that enter your building safe and out of harm’s way, it is also important to make sure the fire protection system that you have installed is well maintained and able to pass the requirements that are laid out by the National Fire Protection Association.

These specific codes and guidelines are quite strict and have both local and countywide requirements that must be met in order to pass, allowing you to continue to run your business.

What does fire protection service include?

Our fire protection services include the proper inspections for all of your system components. This includes meeting the NFPA’s strict requirements of your alarms and sprinklers, the hydrant that sits outside of your building, and even the detectors that are the most crucial in making sure you are notified of the fire.

Our fire protection service does not end with the maintenance and inspection of your system. If you are wanting to update your system, or even try a new one, the installation of some of the most popular systems on the market is also a part of the package.

Once again, our certified technicians are able to install some of the top brands such as Vigilant and Ademco, and with that system we can install the life-saving sprinkler systems that may be needed in some extreme cases.

Is system repair and monitoring included with fire protection service?

Just having the fire protection system installed and inspected is not enough. To rule out the issue of carelessness, or technological difficulties with your system, having it monitored continuously and repaired to ensure fires do not happen is especially important.

The National Fire Protection Association have restrictions and requirements that also must be met for the monitoring systems that are being installed, and ATS can help leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

In addition, if any part of the critical life safety system is damaged, our fire protection service does include expert repair work from wet and dry systems to replacing faulty sprinkler heads.

Trying to run your business is hard enough on top of having to worry about keeping up with specific codes and guidelines that are bothersome, but ultimately there for your protection. At ATS, we strive to provide expert and complete services to keep our customers safe and sound.

If you are interested in fire safety or want to know more about how ATS can help protect you and your business from a devastating loss, contact us at 727-202-4893 today.