What exactly is an access control system and why does my business need one?

By definition, these systems do exactly what their name suggests: give selective restricted access to a place or other resource. A basic door lock can be considered a very simple kind of access control system, however commercial-grade systems are obviously a bit more complicated than that. Modern access control systems are computer-based and provide access to buildings or businesses via biometrics, electronic key cards, or access codes.

What does an access control system include? While some components may vary, the following are the basic components of the systems.

  • Card Readers – A card reader must be installed near the necessary doors in order to allow people to access to the building. Some are insertion readers, meaning the access card must be inserted into the reader, while others are proximity readers and can allow access after a card is waved near them.
  • Electric Locks – These locks are installed on the doors at which access must be restricted or controlled. These are most commonly used on exterior doors, but some companies use them to restrict access on interior doors as well.
  • Keypads – Keypads may be installed in place of card readers or in conjunction with them.
  • Access Cards – Access cards are uniquely coded for the individual to take the place of keys within the system.
  • Servers – Access control system computers are used to program the system and record activities. There is typically only one used per system and includes databases and file managers.
  • Field Panels – Also called intelligent controllers, field panels are what connects the system components together, including the card readers, lock hardware, and other components. The number of panels per system depends on the number of doors that are controlled by the system.

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