Successful businesses are able to maintain inventory at all times.  This provides confidence in the business from the consumer and helps guarantee return business.  Shortages in inventory whether it is due to theft or employee issues can cause significant damage to a business’ bottom line.    Installing a security system is the perfect way to keep tabs on your inventory and limit issues that may make the business susceptible to shortages.

The Importance of Warehouse Security

The warehouse is the location that houses the products from which businesses make money.  It is necessary to protect that investment in order to maintain the profitability of the business.  The best way to successfully secure a warehouse is to set up a security system comprised of a few different components:  access control, facility cameras, security training, and cybersecurity.  Each of these components protects your warehouse and your inventory in a different way, ensuring the safety of your products.

Access Control

Access control systems strictly limit entry to restricted areas only to authorized personnel.  This is achieved through a variety of methods including keypads, keycards, and biometric readers.  These systems are highly modifiable and can restrict access to the full facility or just a portion.  They may even have different levels of access for each employee, all depending on the needs of the business.  Access control systems not only restrict access, but they also monitor the comings and goings of authorized personnel to ensure you are acting within their assigned duties.

Facility Cameras

Security camera surveillance systems are necessary to monitor the actions of people once they gain access to the warehouse or secured area.  Strategic placement of security cameras also act as a theft deterrent for would be criminals and provide security for employees as they enter and exit the facility or walk to and from parking lots.  Surveillance cameras are also a great benefit after a crime or incident has occurred.  If there is coverage throughout the entire facility, the incident will have been recorded, providing credible evidence for authorities to use to investigate the situation.  This may lead to the arrest of a thief or show exactly how an employee was hurt on the job.

Security Training

The next step is learning how to maximize all of your security features to ensure the safety of your employees and your product.  Well-trained employees are more aware of the area around them and are better able to detect potential security breaches, thereby reducing incidents of theft.  It is critical to hire a well-established, reputable company to install your security components.  Companies like A Total Solution are focused on providing top notch customer service and training to all necessary employees.  Understanding your system and training your employees to effectively use that system are the best way to protect inventory and safeguard your employees from harm.


As business operations become more digitized and more reliant on the internet connectivity, businesses make themselves more susceptible to an increasing amount of cyberattacks.  Criminals like hackers and thieves that are able to penetrate security safeguards will be able to gain access to private business data including customer lists, inventory details, and shipment information.  They may also be able to access certain aspects of your security system like wifi enabled security cameras and manipulate the camera feeds.  That’s why it is imperative to safeguard your computer systems from criminals.

Warehouse Surveillance from ATS

Put your warehouse security needs in the hands of Tampa Bay’s finest and most trusted security team, A Total Solution.  Their 30+ years of experience in business security systems and their relationships with top of the line industry manufacturers makes them the right choice for every warehouse owner.  Their certified staff deliver superior customer service through care and attention to the needs of the customer while delivering top quality installation, training, maintenance and repairs.  Contact ATS today to discuss ways to improve security at your warehouse!