It is never too late to have a fire sprinkler system installed in your commercial, residential, municipal, or industrial structure. Whether you are in the planning stages of a project, are seeking an estimate to include in your design, or have a specific idea in mind, it is important to find the right team to implement a fire sprinkler system that will meet your needs. It is all too common that fire code requirements become a second-thought in the building process, when in reality these systems could save your life in the future.

fire-sprinkler-systemAccording to a recent study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association, statistics have shown that there is room to improve the numbers of fire protection equipment and fire sprinklers in many facilities and structures. This study showed that educational properties, stores and offices, public assembly properties, and homes are where a majority of deaths caused by fire actually occur, and are also lacking the necessary fire protection equipment.

The early planning phase of a new structure or facility is the best way and most efficient choice for installing necessary fire safety equipment and fire sprinkler system. Jump-starting this process gives engineers the time to work together on the specifications of the system to ensure that the necessary piping and access points are available for the system. Additionally, incorporating the sprinkler system in the planning phase allows for the designing of a custom sprinkler system that will be the most efficient in protection.

Another option is to renovate or retrofit a facility or home for an updated fire protection and fire sprinkler system. This process is a great way to take an older home and turn it into a safe, protected structure. While the renovation process can prove to be more costly and take more time, it is certainly more that worth the protection that this new and improved system will be providing.

No matter the situation, the experts at A Total Solution, Inc. can handle it. We provide the design, installation, inspection, and service for fire sprinkler systems no matter the complexity. Contact us today for a free consultation!