The short answer is this: Fire extinguisher maintenance matters because by the time you’re in need of your fire extinguisher, it’s too late to be sure whether or not it’s working properly.

It is the law that all commercial and public facilities have fire extinguisher maintenance done on an annual basis. Fire extinguishers are intricate and they have a lot of internal mechanisms that need to be perfectly in order to ensure that the extinguisher works properly when you need it. That’s why it’s important that regular upkeep is done to be sure it’s in top shape. While it’s not an inherently legal barrier to residential areas, that doesn’t change that they should also have their fire extinguishers regularly inspected for safety.

Individual fire extinguisher owners are actually encouraged to perform their own monthly inspections to check the condition of their extinguishers on a more regular basis. In these regular inspections, the owners are supposed to notify their fire protection solution if they notice any of the following: The locking pin is missing or unsealed, the extinguisher handle is loose or missing, or the nozzle / hose is jammed or damaged

On an annual basis, a fire safety professional should give your extinguishers a deeper inspection and perform any needed maintenance on the extinguishers. During these annual inspections, the professional  should check for these things: Visible signs of tampering or damage, proper internal pressure (via gauge or cartridge weight), correct volume of extinguishing agent, and free-flowing powder.

You’d imagine that the annual inspections should be enough to keep an extinguisher on the right page, but actually, the routine is to give extinguishers full rigor inspections every six years. These inspections consist of the piece-by-piece tear down and inspection of the pressurized canister to be a hundred percent sure that the extinguisher is in safe and proper working order.

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