Although it is probably one of the last things that you’re thinking about as a business owner, having your commercial fire alarms tested is an incredibly important step to fire safety. Not only will these alarms keep your employees safe should a fire occur in your building, but they will also alert the authorities if a fire breaks out during periods when it is unoccupied. In order for these systems to effectively work, they must be tested regularly.

commercial fire alarmsHere are the reasons why you should have your commercial fire alarms tested:

  1. NFPA Codes – According to the NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, there are inspections and tests that must be done as required by law. According to this code, your commercial fire alarm system must be tested once a year to ensure that it is up to code and working. Additionally, local town or state regulations may require additional testing.
  2. Maintaining Insurance Requirement – One of the things that your insurance company requires is a working and maintained commercial fire alarm system. Without a working alarm, your business could lose its insurance and put you in jeopardy. This could also mean that your business (or business owner) could be liable for any injuries or property damage that occurs during an emergency. Your insurance agency probably requires proof of inspections and testing in the event of a fire.
  3. Preventing False Alarms – No one likes to deal with a false alarm. They waste the money, time, and effort of everyone involved. The local fire department will charge you a false alarm fee and can even charge you a hefty fine should too many occur. When your fire alarm is regularly tested, you can prevent these annoying alarms and save yourself the cost of the fines.

If you do not have your commercial fire alarms tested regularly, you could cost your business more than just property and money – it could cost lives. It is important to maintain your system and keep every part of it updated and to code. For more information on commercial fire alarm inspection and testing, contact the experts at A Total Solution, Inc.!