Every business needs a security system to secure property and safeguard employees from criminal activity. As economic turmoil continues, crime rates surge. Employee production increases when employees feel safe in the workplace and not prone too dangerous off the street.  The first step to an all-encompassing, top-notch security system is perimeter detection.  Perimeter detection systems are important because they alert system managers and owners to potential threats before they enter the facility.

What Is Perimeter Security?

Perimeter security is your first line of defense against criminals and potential threats to your business facility. this may start with control gates and fencing or simply with door and window sensors. The benefit of perimeter security is that it allows the manager owner monitoring the security system the ability to prepare defensive actions in the face of a potential threat. When an alarm or sensor is triggered outside of the actual facility but within the defined perimeter, the owner or manager has precious moments to decide how to handle the situation. They may use that time to alert emergency authorities and/or access other defensive measures they may have at their disposal.

Millions of dollars have been spent in advancing security tech. These innovations have allowed business owners to gain an advantage over criminals. The use of video analytics in conjunction with perimeter security provides the most benefit to business owners. IP cameras enabled with analytics are installed along the property.  these intelligent cameras may be equipped with facial recognition tech, license plate recognition tech, people tracking software, or even composition recognition.  all of these options are typically Integrated with access control systems to strengthen your business’ defense against criminal activity.

Facial recognition systems enable the camera to identify individuals breaching the perimeter.  These systems are modifiable to allow for known individuals.  This allows the security system to discern between people who are allowed to be on the property and potential threats.

License plate recognition is a handy tool as well. The intelligent cameras will lock on to the license plate, gather the data, and identify the information associated with that plate number. Rapid access to this information aids emergency authorities in locating criminals trespassing on your property.  faster access to this information reduces the amount of time criminals have to unload your stolen property.

The option for people tracking software monitors movements of people within the vicinity of your perimeter.  if people are loitering in an area for too long, an alert will be sent to the system advising of the issue.  many times this tech works with lighting systems which will turn on when this alert is triggered.   These intelligent systems will systems will take into account weather and current lighting to reduce interference from shadows and other potential interference.

Composition recognition allows the analytics to define all of the objects that are normally found within the perimeter.  the system will issue an alert when a package or some other foreign object that has not been defined within the system is left behind on the property.

Bosch, an industry leader and perimeter defense, manufactures IP cameras with video analytics which may also be equipped with options such as illegal parking alerts and speeding alerts.  Options like these create defensive barrier which extends outside the defined perimeter.

Davantis, another key perimeter defense innovator, has integrated thermal cameras with perimeter detection systems to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their video analytics through infrared thermal imaging.  These thermal imaging cameras, whether they are ThermTec or Hikvision Heat Pro cameras, are fully compatible with all Davantis security systems, reducing the need for a full system upgrade.

How to Select the Right First Line Defense Product

The best thing about perimeter detection systems is that they are highly modifiable based on your needs and budget.  Naturally, we want the best system money can buy, but not every business needs all of the options.  For instance, a store inside the mall does not need license plate recognition.  In order to ascertain the true perimeter security needs for their specific business facility, it makes sense for owners to connect with a reputable security company to discuss needs vs. budget.

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Let ATS bring you peace of mind through security solutions. Their technicians are experts with perimeter detections systems, including advanced options from Bosch and Davantis.  Contact us today to speak with an expert technician about the perimeter detections options available for your commercial facility.