Commercial Security – Assessment – Installation – Enhancement – Monitoring

At A Total Solution we stay on top of all of the latest technologies for security systems, to ensure our clients are well protected at all times.  In these uncertain times as panic and desperation set in and people turn to theft and vandalism.  As we are a critical service we have enhanced our response time and staffed up to meet the demands of our clients through this COVID-19 Crisis.  We ensure daily our team takes all the proper protections for the safety of themselves and our clients.  It is more important than ever to ensure you have the latest in perimeter intrusion & security alarm systems that detect and report issues before they become issues.

Traditional intrusion systems alarm after the initial break in, there is a 7 to 12 minute delay before law enforcement arrives at a commercial location. Typically the thief is long gone by this point and police are lucky to write a report and rarely recover your property.  Leaving you with significant business altering losses.  What if I told you we could reduce this response time and possibly eliminate it to improve the chances of catching them in the act?

  • We can shorten or eliminate the time for law enforcement response as compared to normal intrusion systems
  • Our units integrate into an existing alarm system to enhance it’s abilities and lower the cost of upgrading your system.
  • We offer advanced perimeter detection in order to alert police prior to initial break in which is perfect for car dealerships, construction yards, or anywhere there are assets outside or people who want a greater level of protection inside.
  • We can protect assets which are outside from theft or intrusions within restricted (fenced in/gates) areas. So don’t wait until you have had a robbery be prepared to prevent one now.

Our cameras integrate with existing analog and IP systems. Which will cut down on your total system upgrade cost and allow you to benefits from our advanced perimeter intrusion protection systems.

No additional input is required for the customer, they use their system as normal and our technology does the rest. Contact us now for a free security Assessment by calling 727-478-0276. Also Financing may be available call us to see your options.


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