Fire Alarm System – Inspections – Repairs – Replacement – Monitoring

At A Total Solution we stay on top of all of the latest technologies for fire protection systems, to ensure our clients are well protected at all times. As we are a critical service we have enhanced our response time and staffed up to meet the demands of our clients through this COVID-19 Crisis. We ensure daily our team takes all the proper protections for the safety of themselves and our clients. In these uncertain times as panic and desperation set in and people turn to panic and vandalism. Our team is dedicated to protecting lives and property by providing full-service, trustworthy fire protection systems for our clients. Whether installing a full business fire protection system in a new building, updating an older system, or retrofitting existing systems, we will work with you to meet your unique needs with the most cost-effective solution. What our clients love the most about us:

  • Emergency Services and Same Day Services provided 24/7 (Even During this COVID-19 Crisis)
  • Protecting our clients is as much about protecting their budgets as its is their people.  With that in mind we repair existing systems and only if needed or requested we design and install new systems.
  • End to End experts from Fire Hydrants, Fire Pumps, Sprinkler Systems, Alarms, Detection, Backflows, Extinguishers, Hood Suppression and more.
  • We are certified to Inspect, Install, Maintain, Monitor and Repair your Fire Systems.

Have you been putting off your changes to your fire systems, what better time than when customers are not around due to Stay At Home Orders. Contact us now for a free consult by calling 727-478-0276. Also Financing may be available call us to see your options.

Some of the Systems we work with:

  • NICETVigilant
  • Silent Knight
  • Edwards
  • EST
  • Bosch
  • Siemens
  • Simplex
  • Notifier
  • Detection Systems
  • Faraday
  • And More