“I just wanted to drop you a note with my thanks for the alarm system. As you know, this is the third group home I’m opening up with a smoke and fire alarm system. This is of course the first wireless system I’ve had installed. I can’t believe your installer was in and out of my house in about three and a half hours. If I remember correctly, the last one almost two years ago took about three days. Tom explained the whole system to me, and it is simple. I was there with Tom and Bryan when the fire marshal came to inspect the system. He expected to inspect a ‘rough-in’ of the wiring but since there are no wires, he did the final inspection instead. He said that this is the first wireless system he has inspected in Hillsborough County. He read about the wireless systems but never saw it installed. When he tested the system, he liked how the first detector went off then all the others followed in sequence and the same in reverse when I (yes, I did it myself) shut off the alarms and reset the system. I also like the built in memory since we do a fire drill once a month and now don’t have to maintain paper reports for the state inspections. One last thing, most of all, I like the fact that I saved a lot of money on the labor. TECHNOLOGY…..IT’S GREAT!”

John Matera (Avacorp),