Being a property manager means that there are a lot of people who depend on you to ensure that their homes in the apartment building that you oversee are safe. There are a number of challenges that you must face on a daily basis, including equipment inspection, residential complains, maintenance, and complaints.

One of the most important things that you must constantly be aware of is the property’s overall safety and security. Here are a few tips to help keep your buildings and residents as safe as possible:

  • Invest in 24/7 security monitoring services. – With professional monitoring services, you can rest easy that your property is being looked after at all times. Certified professionals will be able to answer emergency signals and alert the necessary emergency services should something happen.
  • Screen employees and residents. – Conducting background checks on prospective employees and tenants can help you identify any potential problems. This will also help reassure possible tenants that they are moving into a safe apartment property.
  • Review your current security systems. – You must make sure that both your fire alarm system and security system are updated and in proper working order. This is done by having certified professionals regularly inspect the systems to look for any issues with the systems. If any problems are found, they will be able to fix or replace the nonworking parts to restore services.
  • Install an access control system. – Access control systems are able to keep trespassers out of your buildings while still allowing residents and employees to enter. These systems can be added as part of your security system to monitor movements in addition to security cameras. For additional security, different badge levels or biometric systems may also be added on.
  • Make sure that employees are easily identified. – Criminals and burglars sometimes attempt to pass themselves off as property employees and maintenance workers to trick tenants into letting them in. To protect your residents, make it mandatory that all staff members wear a uniform and carry photo identification at all times while they are on duty. The more your employees stand out, the more difficult it will be for criminals to disguise themselves.

As the property manager, the safety of your residents is in your hands. Contact the security experts at A Total Solution, Inc. now to learn more about the most effective security systems for your property.