Fire Inspection

Simply installing fire protection systems in your commercial building is not enough. Without routine maintenance and inspections, your systems could fail you when you need them most – when a fire breaks out. The only way to guarantee that your system is always in proper working order is through routine fire inspections and maintenance.

In compliance with all National Fire Protection Association codes, Agency for Health Care, Florida statutes, and any local requirements, the fire protection experts at A Total Solution, Inc. are certified to inspect and service nearly all brands of these life-saving systems. Our experts are better versed in these codes than anyone in the business and will work with you to ensure that your organization is never shut down due to licensing, death, or compliance issues.

Should our technicians find a problem with your existing fire protection systems, we will not simply recommend that it be replaced. Instead, we work with our customers to find the necessary parts (even if they are older) that are required to bring the system back up to code and in working order. This not only saves you time, but is also a much more budget-conscious option. Our team will also work with you to create a budget instead of a large cost upfront for any major issues.

ATS Fire Inspections

At A Total Solution, our product is service. We work diligently to identify and prevent problems before they arise by offering the following fire inspection services:

  • Backflow Inspection – One of the most important aspects of a fire sprinkler system, backflows keep drinking water from being contaminated by non-potable water. Backflow inspections help prevent serious problems and plumbing emergencies from happening.
  • Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Inspection – The only way to guarantee that your fire alarms will work when you need it most is through the regular inspection and maintenance of your system. Our inspections also ensure that your fire alarm system is in compliance with Florida state and local codes. A well-maintained fire sprinkler system can be the difference between a small fire and total devastation. Without regular inspections, there is no way to tell if these life-saving systems are working until it is too late.
  • Fire Pump Inspection – As the driving force behind fire sprinkler systems, fire pumps must also be routinely inspected so that they are able to pump the amount of water necessary to extinguish fires.
  • Fire Hydrant Inspection – The NFPA requires that public fire extinguishers be inspected on a regular basis to not only comply with standards, but also guarantee that they perform when needed.
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection – Fire extinguishers are the first line of defense that you have against a fire in your building. Without routine inspections, you could be left without this crucial fire protection tool.
  • Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Inspection – We provide total kitchen hood fire suppression system services including inspections, servicing, repairs, modifications, and updates as required by the State and insurance provider to keep you in proper compliance and to be certain that your system is in proper working order.

Have you had your fire protection systems inspected recently? Contact A Total Solution, Inc. to schedule your inspections today.