Fire Prevention Month

Did you know that October is actually Fire Prevention Month? During this time, public service departments from across the United States join together to help increase awareness about fire safety. While everyone should know the basics about fire prevention, business and building owners should be especially well-informed on the subject as they are responsible for the...
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Is Your Commercial Security System Safe Enough?

Unfortunately, business owners sometimes fall into a false sense of security after they have a simple alarm system or camera set up in their building. While having this equipment installed is a great way to start protecting your business, you must continuously monitor your overall security to ensure that is effective. Have you considered the effectiveness...
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Fire Protection Systems: Important Reminders for Building and Business Owners

The only way for your fire protection systems to stay in proper working order is by ensuring that the necessary maintenance and inspections are routinely done. As a business  or building owner, this typically falls on your shoulders. These systems are the things that will give your employees and building occupants enough time to safely...
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6 Reasons to Switch to an Access Control System

Security technology has become very advanced in recent years, which means that a traditional lock and key system is no longer the most effective method for keeping your building secure. Access control systems are now one of the best and most efficient methods for improving the security of your business. Why should you consider an Read more

Choosing the Right Commercial Fire Alarm System

All it takes is one spark to start a fire that could destroy your business and put the lives of your employees at risk. Thankfully, a well-designed fire alarm system can provide the necessary early warning that will help save both lives and property. As a business owner, this will help give you a peace...
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Fire Prevention and Planning for Business Owners

Being a business owner means that you are responsible for quite a number of things. From utility bills to payroll and marketing, it all falls on your busy shoulders. Overseeing the everyday operations of your business can make it easy to forget to ensure that the necessary fire safety precautions are in place for the...
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Creating a Business Security Plan

The success of your business and safety of your employees are dependent upon a coordinated and well-organized business security plan. As a business owner, it is important that you work with a security company who can help you design and implement a security plan that can both protect your property and create a safe working...
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Life-Saving Fire Extinguisher Facts

Fire extinguishers sound like a simple tool for putting out a small fire in theory. Pull the trigger, and you’re saved! In reality, they are much more complicated than they may look. Here are five important facts about fire extinguishers that could possibly save your life one day!
  1. Fire extinguishers absolutely must be accessible...
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