Fire Pumps

One of the most integral parts of any fire sprinkler system, a fire pump is responsible for providing the water flow and pressure when a system is triggered. Even the most advanced and sophisticated system is rendered virtually useless and unable to draw water without a fire pump that is both designed well and properly maintained.

Fire Pump Maintenance

An integral part of any fire sprinkler system in Tampa Bay, a fire pump provides water pressure and flow. Without a well-designed, well-maintained fire pump, even the most sophisticated sprinkler system is rendered useless, unable to draw the necessary quantities needed to contain a blaze. At A Total Solution, Inc. (ATS), we understand life safety and asset protection, with total commitment to quality for your inspection, installation, and service of both fire pumps and fire sprinkler systems.

Fire Pump Inspections

Our dedicated technicians are certified to inspect, maintain, and repair all aspects of fire sprinkler systems and fire pumps. After an inspection, we will provide a detailed inspection report of our findings and will work with you to figure out a solution for any required maintenance. We also use an electronic record system for inspections that will let us know when your future inspections are due so that you do not have to worry about whether or not your system is up to code.

Fire Pump Installations and Monitoring

As a full-service fire sprinkler and low-voltage contractor, the technicians at ATS are certified to install many quality fire pumps from reputable brands, such as Peerless, Aurora, Morse, Fairbanks, and Armstrong. We are capable of overseeing the entire fire pump installation process, from detailed drawings to comprehensive submittals and complete permit packages. Our NICET-certified designers are graduates of the University of South Florida’s well-respected and esteemed Engineering Program. All of our installations and repairs are NFPA, city, and county-compliant.

Fire Pump Repairs and Emergency Service

Without proper maintenance, a fire pump may not have sufficient water pressure to meet the hydraulic design for a particular building. Therefore, proper repairs are imperative. ATS is equipped and ready to service your fire pump, whether powered by diesel or electrical motor. We service vertical turbines, split case, vertical inline, and end line systems. Our repairs include complete trouble-shooting and replacement of malfunctioning fire pump components such as pressure switches, gauges, motor repairs, jockey pumps, and fire pump controllers. We also repack and rebuild fire pumps. All of our repairs comply with NFPA 20, county, and city requirements.

Don’t wait until it is too late to find out if your fire pump is working correctly or not. Contact the fire safety experts at A Total Solution, Inc. today to learn more about our fire pump services.

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