Backflow is the direction reversal in the flow of water in a pipeline that could disperse pollutants into the drinking water systems. When the drinking water system is connected to anything that could contaminate it, a backflow system is required to prevent this from happening.

All fire sprinkler systems, domestic water lines, and irrigation systems require their backflow devices to be tested regularly to ensure that there is only water flow in a single direction. These systems are critical in keeping non-potable and potable water from mixing, which means that they must be thoroughly tested and certified on an annual basis (and in accordance with local requirements).

Backflow Inspections and Maintenance

Backflows must be inspected based on stringent guidelines set forth by the Florida Statutes, National Fire Protection Association codes, and local county requirements. The knowledgeable technicians at A Total Solution, Inc. are required to participate in a rigorous backflow course and certification process to ensure that they are fully qualified to test new and existing backflow devices. As a fully licensed Class 2 contractor in backflow devices, we are able to inspect, install, and service your backflow devices from the tap inside of your building.

These complex devices are largely responsible for protecting the drinking water from being contaminated, and this is not something our technicians take lightly during our inspections.

Backflow Device Installation

ATS is proud to be a provider of highly esteemed backflow device brands, such as Ames, Watts, Febco, Wilkins, and many others.

To learn more about backflow devices and their required maintenance, contact the fire protection specialists at A Total Solution, Inc. today.