A Total Solution provides its customers access to top of the line security systems and emerging security tech.  One brand name that ATS is proud to partner with, and which inspires confidence and trust in its users, is Bosch.  For over 100 years, Bosch has lead the field when it comes to usable, functional and state of the art security systems.  One of the key highlights of Bosch systems is the ability to integrate multiple systems, like intrusion control, access control, and video surveillance into one high quality system.

Motion Detection with Video Analytics

The introduction of video analytics to security systems has helped revolutionize both personal and commercial security systems.  When a motion detection system is enabled with video analytics, the security system is able to recognize potential threats to your facility.   These systems can distinguish changes in speed and shape, like running or crouching, and may also detect people or other objects that are moving in opposition to other people or items near them.  The advanced software monitors behaviors and patterns which allows the software to identify potential threats.  Once a potential threat is pinpointed, the system will send an alert to the user or monitor.  The alert is sent with an image showing the threat. These systems are also modifiable.  The user may mask certain people, animals or objects from the video so that when they move, they do not trigger an alert.  Masking these items will reduce the number of false alarms triggered.

Commercial facilities will see a great benefit with motion detection systems equipped with video analytics.  They have the ability to analyze the behavior of customers.  Users are able to adjust the set up of their store based on the paths and patterns of their customers.  Further, these systems enable business owners to control loitering and access control to their facilities, as well as enforcing safety zones like emergency lanes and blocked exits.

Burglary Cross Zoning Using IP Cameras

Burglary Cross Zoning is another feature that allows for a reduction in false alarms and for the tracking of intruders in a location.  Burglary Cross Zoning allows security systems to divide a facility or residence into separate zones.  Each zone is programmed with certain time frames.  When a device in a certain zone is triggered, the timer starts.  In the event a second alert in that particular zone or another device in a nearby cross zone is triggered during the established time period, an alarm is sent to the user or central station monitor alerting the user to the threat. Should no further alerts be triggered, the system will log the incident without setting off an alarm.

IP cameras, or internet protocol cameras, are the perfect device to be used in conjunction with Burglary Cross Zoning.  IP cameras receive and send footage through an IP network as opposed to the footage remaining on a centralized DVR.   In using IP cameras with motion detection systems, the user reaps the benefit of not only knowing there may be a threat present when an alarm is tripped, but also has immediately on hand the video footage of the incident in order aid the proper authorities in managing the incident.  IP cameras are programmable with Bosch B and G Series surveillance systems.  These cameras may be programmed to detect certain sound frequencies and volumes as well as select specific viewpoints for each camera.

Built-In Two Way Audio

Bosch IP cameras offer more than just video recording services.  They also may be equipped with microphones and loudspeakers providing a built-in two way audio system.  The advantage of having these options at your fingertips is that it allows the user to listen in on certain areas of the facility that may be in a blind spot for the video surveillance system.  The microphone picks up on all noises in a specific area, and the loudspeaker lets the user or monitor address intruders directly on the spot.  Another feature of the built-in two way audio systems in IP cameras is the ability of the IP cameras to trigger alarms based on audio detection.

Motion detection systems that integrate video analytics, burglary cross zoning, and built-in two way audio provide businesses with a full coverage option for intrusion and access control systems, programmable to meet their needs, all located in the palm of the owners’ hand, or in the hands of a central station monitor. ATS technicians are available to discuss all options that will work within your defined budget.

One call to ATS really can do it all.  Contact us today to speak with an expert technician about full service security options for your home or commercial facility.