An AED, or Automated External Defibrillator, is a portable electronic device that is used in
life-threatening cardiac emergencies. These machines are designed simplistically enough so that basically anyone can use them to effectively apply electrical therapy to the heart to reestablish an effective and normal rhythm – and save a life.

AEDs are designed to be very similar to the electrical paddles that are used by medical professionals on a patient’s chest to restart the heart. Obviously not all users of AEDs are going to have any kind of training whatsoever, so their technology has been made accessible to everyone. The defibrillator works by initially assessing the heart rhythm, then applying a shock when it is needed. The device then gives audio direction to the user on proper operation during the cardiac event.

According to OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are approximately 10,000 events of cardiac arrests in workplaces every year. Due to the time it takes for emergency medical professionals to reach the scene, there is only a shocking 5-7% survival rate. Adding an AED to the workplace has been proven to increase these rates to up to 60%.

Although there is no national requirement for these life-saving machines to be in workplaces, OSHA has encouraged employers to have AEDs available in their workplaces.

At A Total Solution, Inc., we want your workplace to be as safe as possible, which is why we offer many Automated External Defibrillator services. After our free placement inspection, we have our Florida state certified EMT/Firefighter help us place the AED in the best possible area. Although training is not required for proper use, we offer AED training for any size of a group as an introduction so that everyone would feel comfortable using the machine should the unthinkable happen. We also offer maintenance and repairs.

ATS offers Zoll’s AED Plus with Real CPR Help® technology to further help our customers through a cardiac emergency. Even the most seasoned medical professionals can have a hard time knowing if they are compressing hard of fast enough to meet the current compression guidelines. With Real CPR Help®, the machine provides visual and audio feedback to help guide the user through the process.

For more information on AEDs and Zoll’s AED Plus with Real CPR Help®, contact A Total Solution, Inc. today!